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CHEMIX School 7.00  (released 2017-8-21)
- Ternary Plot: Added AB,AC,BC selectable and movable bivariate cross plots. Also added font size options and other options for scaling, title, axis text and angled axis text.
- Thermochemistry: Added more than 1000 new compounds at Standard Ambient Temperature and pressure (satp).
                                   Added Standard Ambient Temperature and Pressure abbreviation (satp) as a state symbol alternative.
                                   Assuming (satp) conditions, it is now possible to calculate thermochemical equations without adding state symbols to compounds (species).
Binary Plot: Added  Unsorted Polylines.
Periodic Table: Added colors and color codes for groups and element states.

CHEMIX School 6.00  (released 2017-6-26)
- Added: Search Inorganic Compounds - physical properties/constants. Search thousands of inorganic compounds offline.
- Added: Extended 0% and 100% scaling in Ternary plot. Added 20% scaling step intervals. Added "huge" and "gigantic" font. Added templates.
- Added: Condensed (semi-structural) formula input option e.g. CH3-CH2-CH2-CH3 for Molecular Calculator, Balance chemical equation etc.

CHEMIX School 5.00  (released 2017-5-26)
- Added: Solubility curve plotter and a temperature/solubility Calculator
- Added: Temperature/solubility plot-data for common inorganic compounds.
- Added: Angled axis text to Ternary Plot functionality

CHEMIX School 4.50  (released 2017-4-4)
- Minor cosmetic updates

CHEMIX School 4.00  (released 2016-4-25)
- Added a Concentration & Dilution Calculator

CHEMIX School 3.60 released (2012-7-4)
- Minor Update
- For maximal versatility/portability - CHEMIX School will from now on be downloaded as a ZIP containing the actual and final file/folder
structure and not (any longer) as a registry modifying executable installation file. 
- CHEMIX School can from now on be stored on "installed on" and executed from zip drives etc., which is very convenient from a productivity standpoint of view.

CHEMIX School 3.51 released (2010-2-11)
- Modified for Windows 7 compatibility

CHEMIX School 3.50 released (2008-2-13)
-  Added a binary phase diagram plotter. Added fill colors , spline colors, colored symbols, movable legend box, selectable legend box symbols
to ternary phase diagram plotter. Added print and copy to clipboard to molecular 3-D viewer.

- CHEMIX School  1.0 - 3.50  (Internet release 1998 -  2008)
- Molecular Calculator
- Periodic Table
- Balance chemical equations
- Thermochemical equation balancer
- Electrochemistry
- Weak acid/base
- Solubility product
- Solubility chart
- Curve Fit & Function Plot
- Ternary Plot
- Binary Plot
- Molecular 3-D Viewer
- Gas Equations
- Conversions
- Dictionary
- Calculator
- IR/MS/NMR Spectroscopy

1995    Cont. development using C/C++

1993    Start  - The first few CHEMIX School code lines written in C language

CHEMIX School  -  The  Author:  Arne Standnes  ,Bergen,  Norway

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