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I am taking Chemistry for the first time so its all new to me. Your software has helped me tremendously.

Country: USA

Many thanks for your program "CHEMIX". Being a professional chemist I use this program very often as an universal help in my work.....

....In my opinion CHEMIX is the best general chemistry information program not only for chemical students but for professional chemists too.

Country: Russia

Am looking forward to using the chemistry software.....sure makes life easier.

Country: USA

chemix school review

I am a student at ..... university pursuing a major in chemistry. I demoed CHEMIX School and was quite impressed ......

Country: USA

This program is awesome

Country: USA

I found your program to be excellent

Country: USA

I would like to buy this fabulous software program .....

Country: Germany


Thank you for your software, I am a geologist and find it very useful.

Country: Unknown

I have been taking courses in HS and college chemistry for over a year and I want you to know that I have found your tool(s) in the "Chemix" download to be extremely helpful and easy to use.....

I wanted you to be aware of how much I appreciate the fine work and the wonderful expression of goodwill towards those of us still interested in the "Hard Sciences".....

Please keep up the good work.

Country: USA

I love this program! Just thought I would give a shout out.

Country: Unknown

I downloaded a copy of the demo and am very impressed by it .......

Country: USA

I see this great appz and I find it very useful for students.

Country: Hungary

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