Ideal gas law

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Ideal Gas Law

The Ideal Gas Law was first written in 1834 by Emil Clapeyron. Following relations can be expressed as constants (k1, k2...k6) representing six different values.

PV= k1
V/T = k2
P/T = k3
V/n = k4
P/n = k5
1/nT = 1/k6

In order to make one equation that contain them all i.e. P,V,T and n, we can multiply them all.

P3V3 / n3T3 = k1k2k3 k4k5 / k6
Taking the cube root we get:
PV/nT = (k1k2k3k4 k5 / k6)1/3

An expression in which on the right side of the equation can be presented as a single constant - R - the gas constant. Now we have a single equation representing the relationship between pressure(P), volume(V), mole(n) and temperature(T).

PV/nT = R
or as presented in CHEMIX
PV = nRT


The ideal gas law.
Example : A 2 mol sample of oxygen gas O2 has a volume of 10.0 L at 300 Kelvin. Calculate the pressure.


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