Physical Properties of the Elements

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The CHEMIX School program contain physical properties data for all the elements (atomic number 1-103) in the periodic table.

How to view physical properties in periodic table of the elements

  1. Start CHEMIX School program
  2. Click on Periodic Table push button
  3. Click on one of the physical properties radio buttons (Atomic radius, electronegativity, stable isotopes...)

Physical Properies - Electronegativity - CHEMIX School Periodic table

electronegativity chart

By clicking the graphics push button in CHEMIX School periodic table you can also view physical properties as graphs of trends.

CHEMIX School - Graph of Trends - Electronegativity

electronegativity trend

When clicking one of the radio buttons in the graphics dialogue (picture above), physical properies trends of all the elements will be shown as symbols in a graphic plot.The CHEMIX School program allow you both - view trends within main groups IA-VIIIA - or, view trends for all elements in increasing order (atomic number 1-103).

Using CHEMIX School periodic table you can learn about physical properties of elements as hydrogen,carbon, sodium, iron, gold ,aluminum, copper, zinc, nitrogen, calcium etc. and physical properties trends of the elements such as atomic radius, electronegativity, density and much more.

How to download CHEMIX School

You can download the CHEMIX School program - including physical properties table/chart by clicking the download link at the top of this page - Try it.

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