Specific Heat Capacity Table

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How to view the specific heat capacity of all the elements in CHEMIX School periodic table simultaniously

  1. Start CHEMIX School
  2. Click on Periodic Table push button
  3. Click on Radio button Specific Heat Capacity

Fig.  Screen shot from CHEMIX School Periodic table - Specific Heat Capacity table

specific heat capacity

When clicking the radio button (3) the specific heat capacity of all the elements will be viewed simultaniously in the text fields located above the symbols. If the number value of an element is bigger (wider) than the text field - simply insert the mouse pointer in the text field and right-scroll using the left mousebutton.

Using CHEMIX School periodic table you can view more than specific heat capacity elements as lead, copper, aluminium, iron etc. As you see from the picture you can also view : melting point table, boiling point table, atomic radius table and much more.

How to download the CHEMIX School program

You can download CHEMIX School - Periodic Table with specific heat capacity chart of the elements by clicking the download link at the top of this page - Try it.

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