Solubility in Water

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Solubility in Water

Some compounds dissolve in water as molecules while others, called electrolytes, dissociate and dissolve as charged species called ions. Compounds which exist as solid ionic crystals are mostly highly soluble in water. Ionic compounds dissolve to the point where the solution is saturated and no more solid can dissolve. The concentration of the saturated solution is termed the solubility of the substance. In some cases the solubility may be very high and a large amount of the solid may dissolve before the solution is saturated. The difference in ability to dissolve in water are large. Some highly soluble salts dissolve very easily (1/2 kg in 1 kg water). Other salts doesn't seem to dissolve at all (1*10-15 g in 1 kg water), even if the temperature is the same. The description "highly soluble" generally means soluble to at least the extent of forming 0.1 to 1.0 molar aqueous solutions. Salts which are less soluble in water than this at room temperature are called slightly soluble salts.

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