Thermochemistry problems and solutions

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4.1 Determine H for the combustion of (C4H10) and (O2).

Solution: Insert C4H10(g)+O2(g)>CO2(g)+H2O(l) and calculate

4.2 Determine H when 2 grams Pb (lead) reacts with oxygen forming PbO?

Solution: Insert 2gPb(s)+O2(g)>PbO(s) and calculate

4.3 Balance the equation: Fe(s)+O2(g)>Fe2O3(s).
a)Determine H
Is this reaction exothermic/endothermic?. b)Determine S
c)Determine H and S if 2 grams of Fe2O3 is formed.

a) and b)Insert Fe(s)+O2(g)>Fe2O3(s) and calculate.
c)Insert the modified equation: Fe(s)+O2(g)>2gFe2O3(s) and calculate.

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