Metric System Converter

Download CHEMIX School Metric System Converter Software

Procedure for using the Celsius metric system converter in CHEMIX School

  1. Start CHEMIX School
  2. Activate the metric converter by clicking the Conversions push button
  3. Insert a value in the unit edit field of the selected category - temperature, pressure etc. Kelvin, Celsius and Fahrenheit)
  4. Press Return on the keyboard

Picture (screen shot) from CHEMIX School Metric System Converter

Unit converter calculator

The first leftmost (and upper) edit field in each category (pressure, temperature ..) represent the metric system unit. As you can see from the screen shot above - the metric system unit for pressure is N/m2 (Pascal).

When pressing the return button on the keyboard (4) , conversions between different temperature units will be calculated simultaniously and viewed in the units text fields of the selected category.

The converter allow unit conversions limited to following categories: Temperature, pressure-stess-force/area, energy-heat-work, power, force-weight, lenght and mass.

How to download the CHEMIX School program

You can download CHEMIX School - Metric System Converter by clicking the download link at the top of this page - Try it.

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