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CHEMIX Calculator - Main Features

The CHEMIX calculator functions basically in the same manner as a real pocket calculator. Enter numbers or functions either by clicking on the buttons or using the keyboard . The calculator has the ability to calculate 400 Y-values if the X-variable is included in the expression e.g. sin(X).
By selecting From-To you may calculate a range of values starting with an X-value given in the X-start value text field and stopped by an X-value given in the X-stop value text field.
By un-selecting From-To you may calculate a range of values starting with an X-value given in the X-start value text field and incremented (stepped) by the value that has been inserted in the X-step value field.
The result (X,Y-values) of such a calculation may be copied by the use of left and right mouse buttons and pasted into the Data (X Y) field in the Curve Fit and Function Plotter and viewed graphically.
To enter a number in exponential format, enter the mantissa, followed by the E key, then +/- if required, then the exponent e.g.(2.34*10-2 --> 2.34E-2).


If you an error occur, the calculator result display will contain an error message.

Functions/const./operators Example Interpretation
+ X+2 addition
- X-2 subtraction
* X*2 multiplication
/ X/2 division
^ X^2 power X2
( ) 5*(X+2) braces (grouping)
. 2.536 decimal separator
PI PI constant 3.141..
e or EXP e^x or EXP(X) e = constant 2.718..
E 2.5E-2 2.5*10-2
X 2*X variable
SIN SIN(X) sine function
COS COS(X) cosine function
TAN TAN(X) tangent function
ASIN ASIN(X) arc sine function (result expressed between -1/2 and 1/2 PI or -90 and 90 Deg)
ACOS ACOS(X) arc cosine function (result expressed between 0 and PI or 0 and 180 Deg)
ATAN ATAN(X) arc tangent function (result expressed between -1/2 and 1/2 or -90 and 90 Deg)
SINH SINH(X) hyperbolic sine of X
COSH COSH(X) hyperbolic cosine of X
TANH TANH(X) hyperbolic tangent of X
RAD RAD(180) Convert from degrees to radians
DEG DEG(PI) Convert from radians to degrees
EXP EXP(X) natural exponential ex
LN LN(X) natural logarithm
10^X 10^(X) 10-pow. function 10x
LOG LOG(X) logarithm to base 10
SQRT SQRT(X) square root
ABS ABS(-2.43) absolute value
RND RND(10) random number
MCALC MCALC(CaSO4) Molecular Weight Calculator function (Arg. by ',' not legal)
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