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CHEMIX School concentration calculator offer an easy and intuitive way of calculate and convert between different unit concentrations. It also allow dilution calculations using a stock standard solution.  It can convert/calculate the weight(g) of a substance to mol and vice versa. By using the substance density database it also has the ability to convert/calculate between volume(mL) and the mass(g) of the solution.

Concentration Calculator

By first selecting a substance and by inserting two legal values in (mass or mol) and (V or ms)  "Amount" fields
the concentration calculator vil calculate 5 different types of concentrations + the density of the solution (Concentration frame).

Tab. Amount: Weight to mol and volume (solution) to mass (solution) conversions

Mass (g)
 n (mol)
Volumesolution (mL)
 mass solution (ms)

  By selecting a substance and inserting a legal value in one of the "Concentration" text fields the concentration calculator can convert e.g. molarity to molality,weight%,weight to volume%, mole fraction and even calculate  the density of the solution.

Tab. Concentration: Common units used for expressing the concentration of solute

Name Symbol
(Moles of solute)/(Liters of solution)
molality m
(Moles of solute)/(Kg of solvent)
Weight% w/w%
(g of solute)/(100g of solution)
Weight to Volume% w/v%
(g of solute)/(100mL of solution)
Mole fraction x(A)

Dilution calculator

Molarity calculation

Molality calculation

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