Chemical Reactions

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Types of Chemical Reactions

Synthesis Reactions : Simple substances combines to for a complex substance

                                  Example:    H2 + N2 --> NH3         Balanced:    3H2 + N2 = 2NH3

                                  Example :    H2 + O2 --> H2O        Balanced:    2H2 + O2 = 2H2O

Decomposition Reactions: A complex substance breaks down to its simpler parts

                                   Example: NH3 --> N2 + H2           Balanced:  2NH3  = N2 + 3H2

                                                  H2O  --> O2 + H2          Balanced:  2H2O  =   O2 + 2H2

Single Replacement Reactions: One type of atom or group in a compund is replaced by another type of atom or group forming a new compund.  Below --> Hydrogen in HCl  is replaced by Aluminium in AlCl3

 Example: Al  +  HCl  --> AlCl3 + H2              Balanced :   2Al  +  6HCl  =  2AlCl3 + 3H2

Double Replacement Reactions : Two types of atoms or groups exchange places to form two new compunds.      

 Example:     HCl + NaOH --> NaCl + H2O

Note: If you use CHEMIX School for balancing chemical reactions/equations you must replace the arrow '-->' by '>'  (greater then).
CHEMIX School example - Balancing chemical reactions :       Al  +  HCl  >  AlCl3 + H2

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