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CHEMIX School - Chemistry Calculator Tools

CHEMIX School contain a wide range of calculator tools designed for chemistry.

1) Molecular (weight) Calculator - Find molecular weight , moles , mass% and more

2) Equations/Reactions Chemistry Calculator - Balance chemical equations/reactions

3) Thermo-chemistry calculator - Balance and calculate energy in reactions - Enthalpy, Entropy ..

4) Electro-chemistry Calculator  - Balance and calculate the voltage involved in electrochemical reactions

5) Solubility - Calculate the solubility product/solubility/common ion effect

6) Weak Acid/Base - Calculate pH, pKa , buffer (common ion effect)

7) Gas Equations - Calculate Ideal Gas Law , Combined Gas Law, Graham's law of diffusion and Kinetic Energy

8) Scientific Chemistry Calculator - Involves use of the X-variable, molecular weight , definite integrals ..........

9) Conversion of units - Length, Pressure-Stess-Force/area, Temperature, Energy-Heat-Work, Force-Weight, Power and Mass

CHEMIX School - Chemistry Calculator tools also contain tools for: Curve fitting, Spline interpolation, Data manipulation ....and of cause  - Periodic Table. Try it.

You can download CHEMIX School by clicking the download link at the top of this page.

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