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Fitting a curve to an (x,y) data set in the CHEMIX School program is quite simple, just insert your x,y data in the Data (x,y) edit field and select Best fit. By using the Best fit option a function representing the best correlation will be selected automatically and a curve will be plotted. It is also possible to manually select/fit/plot a function -  simply select a function by clicking on it. Other options in CHEMIX School are: spline interpolation, calculate definite integrals, plot derivatives and the ability to manipulate data. By the copy to clipboard option ,a bitmap of the figure/plot can be pasted into other (paste enabled) applications such as word processors etc.

In CHEMIX School following functions can be fitted to x,y data.

Y = A + B*X  ,  Y = A + exp(B*X) ,  Y= A*X^B ,  Y = A + B*ln(X)  ,  Y = A/X + B  ,  Y = (A + B*X)/(1 + C*X)   ,   Y = A + B*X + C*X^2  (polynome),  Y = A + B*X + C*X^2 + D*X^3 (polynome)

CHEMIX School also contain a Scientific Calculator, Ternary phase diagrams and much more - Try it.

You can download CHEMIX School curve fitting - regression software by clicking the download link at the top of this page.

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