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CHEMIX School - A program for curve fitting - regression

Besides the ability to manipulate data, spline interpolation, definite integrals and derivatives following functions can be fitted to XY data.

Y = A + B*X

Y = A + exp(B*X)

Y= A*X^B

Y = A + B*ln(X)

Y = A/X + B

Y = (A + B*X)/(1 + C*X)

Y = A + B*X + C*X^2

Y = A + B*X + C*X^2 + D*X^3

CHEMIX School contain not only a curve fitting tool but also: Scientific Calculator, Ternary phase diagrams and much more - Try it.

You can download CHEMIX School curve fitting software by clicking the download link at the top of this page.

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