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CHEMIX School contain valuable tools especially designed for chemistry. Some of these tools may also be useful for physics (physical properties of elements - stable/unstable isotopes, decay ..) and math (function plot, curve fitting, definite integrals, derivatives). CHEMIX School can be used both in the classroom and in the laboratory. In the classroom CHEMIX School is useful for students who after learning to do problems (in which also are included) by hand, can use this educational software to help verify their results. A popular place for using the program is in the laboratory, where it functions as a standard calculation tool. This is a place where time consuming and often repeated manual calculations with advantage can be replaced by a tool in which performs efficient and secure calculations. The lessons/problems supplied with CHEMIX School - educational software for chemistry, are intended and leveled for college/university level, many of the lessons are also suitable for high school courses.

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