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Graph plotting in CHEMIX School is a straight forward procedure. Simply start the CHEMIX School program and select the push button Curve Fit & Function Plot. Insert a function representing your graph in the Plot function f(x) edit field and press Calculate. If no y-limits are given manually, an auto-scale feature in the program will use Y-max/min limits. Plotting two graphs at the same time is also possible in CHEMIX School graph plotting software. You can generate a second graph by inserting a function in the Data Manipulation g(x,y) text edit field and Calculate (Note:  Data (x y) text field must be empty before this operation). You can interpolate generated x,y points by using cubic spline or poly-line or extrapolate by the curve fit option. 

Other options in CHEMIX School are: curve fitting, spline interpolation, calculate definite integrals, plot derivatives and the ability to manipulate data. By the copy to clipboard option, a bitmap of the figure/plot/graph can be pasted into other (paste enabled) applications such as word processors etc.

CHEMIX School also contain a Scientific Calculator and much more - Try it.

You can download CHEMIX School graph plotting software by clicking the download link at the top of this page.

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