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An advanced math calculator integrated in the CHEMIX School program with many predefined functions including definite integals , x-variable from-to or stepped calculations and molecular weight/mole calculations. For simplicity - the math calculator allow implicit multiplication. Other options in the CHEMIX School program are graphing (function plot), curve fitting and much more. The math calculator is easy in use and a valuable tool for students and professionals.

Math Calculator - Standard (predefined) functions

acos asin atan cos sin tan cosh sinh tanh deg rad ln e^ log 10^ ln log sqrt abs ceil floor rnd


      +  (add)        -  (subtract, minus)    *   (multiply)           /    (divide)      ^(exponent)


pi     =  3.14159

e     =  2.71828

Example:    e * pi  =  8.53973


X        used in from-to calculations or "stepped by" calculations -  The math calculator calculates up to 400 X,Y values automatically

Special functions for the math calculator

MCALC   Molecular Weight Function - Sample MCALC(Ca(NO3)2)  -  Calculate formula weight of  Ca(NO3)2

Definite Integrals Example

Evaluate the integral of f(x) = X ^2 + 2*X -4  from 2.5 to 5.0


1) Insert :   X-Start value = 0

2) Insert :   X-Stop value = 2

3) Insert  X^2 + 2*X - 4  in the upper edit field in the calculator

4) Calculate

The result of the definit integral calculation will be displayed in the math calculator X-Calculations frame 

Implicit Multiplications

Both two examples are legal using math calculator

Normal:                            cos(x)*pi*sin(pi*x^2)

Implicit Multiplication:       cos(x)pisin(pix^2)

Edit functions

CLR - Clear edit field

_<-DEL - Delete a character (backwards)

You can download CHEMIX School math calculator by clicking the download link at the top of this page.

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