How to install a CHEMIX School license

Chemistry Software Download

If you are familiar with how to unzip files, just unzip it.

If you are NOT familiar with how to unzip files, please follow the Unzip Procedure below.

Note:   Do NOT open the downloaded zip file by double clicking it in the same manner as a
program file .exe (a zip file is an archive,  not a program)  - Please follow the steps below carefully:

                        Unzip Procedure

1) Be sure to download the latest available CHEMIX School version. Download URL:

2) Unzip the downloaded ZIP (  by right clicking it and then left clicking the "Extract All..." option.

3) Open the newly created folder(s) until the chemix.exe file appear.

4) Double click the chemix.exe file.
chemix school unzip procedure

5) When starting the program for the first time in newer versions of Windows(10,11) you typically will get this message.

install on windows 10

6) Accept the terms in the License Agreement (EULA) or exit.

        School EULA

Make sure that the CHEMIX School version number in the received License-Key email is the the same as
     the version number located in the upper left corner of CHEMIX School.
version number check

Insert License Owner and License Key in proper text fields. Click the INSTALL LICENSE button
    (Please enter License Owner and License Key exactly as seen in this email)

chemix school install license

Note: You can now create a shortcut to CHEMIX School on the desktop by right-clicking the CHEMIX.EXE.

Portability: It is fully possible to use/transfer CHEMIX School from/to a e.g. memory stick or to another location. You must the copy
the entire CHEMIX School folder ( CHEMIX School X_XX ) containing CHEMIX.EXE and it's DATS sub directory.

CHEMIX School user manual (off line): Double click  chemix-school-user-manual.html

PLEASE:  -  remember to backup your downloaded file and your license info


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