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The-single user license is the most common type of license used when registering. This type of license is typically used by a student purchasing a single license. Since most license owners are from the US, CHEMIX School software is priced in $US.

Why should I register?

The evaluation copy that you are to download or already have downloaded from the CHEMIX homepage, is a "try before you buy" copy. It is meant to give you a taste of the capabilities of the program.

How do I register online?

You may register online from CHEMIX School register page using the proper purchase button. The most common way of purchasing a license online is by credit card. The company which handles the billings offers many ways of paying for the license, not only by credit card. You may check out these options more carefully by clicking on the proper registration button on CHEMIX School register page.

What happens after I have registered - time scale?

The developer will be notified by the company that handles the billings about the purchase. The developer will then send an email to the customer in which contain a license key. You should receive this email after a couple of hours (and no more than 9 hours). Download CHEMIX School by clicking on the received download link. If the evaluation copy has been installed on your computer it should be uninstalled before installing the downloaded copy. Installation is simple and fast.

How do I contact the developer?

Contact the developer by email.

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