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Molecular Weight Calculator:
1) 103 elements
2) all stable isotopes
3) deuterium(e.g.D2O)
4) ions
5) braces (multilevel)
6) arg. calculations (mol-mass conv.)
7) calculations argumented by an element
8) crystal water
9) error guidance

CHEMIX School Molecular weight calculator

Molecular weight calculator

Signs and symbols

Tab. Molecular Calculator (signs and symbols)
Sign/symbol Example Interpretation
m 2mH2O mol
g 2gH2O gram
E or e 2E-3mH2O or 2e-3mH2O exponent
e- e- electron symbol (normally used by "balance")
, 2mH2,H2O argument separator
. 2.3gH2O decimal separator
* CaCl2*5H2O crystal water separator
D D2O or H[2]2O deuterium (symb. reserved for this isotope)
[ ] H[2] or [Fe(CN)6]+2 number of nucleons square brackets (isotopes and complex)
( ) Ca(NO3)2 braces
+ Ca+2 or Ca++ pos. charged ion
- SO4-2 or SO4-- neg. charged ion
0-9 10gH2O numbers
H-Lr HHeLiBeBCNO Elements: Hydrogen --> Lawrencium

Tab. Explore Molecular Calculator
Normal Chemix Interpretation
H2SO4 and NO3- H2SO4 and NO3- Index
H2SO4 H2SO4 Formula mass(weight)
C[13]5H[2]12 C[13]5H[2]12 Enriched
2 moles of H2SO4 2mH2SO4 Arg. formula (mol)
2 grams of H2SO4 2gH2SO4 Arg. formula (mass)
2 moles of sulfur in H2SO4 2mS,H2SO4 Formula arg. by element and mol
2 grams of sulfur in H2SO4 2gS,H2SO4 Formula arg. by element and mass
2 moles of H2 in H2SO4 2mH2,H2SO4 Formula arg. by molecule and mol
2 grams of H2 in H2SO4 2gH2,H2SO4 Formula arg. by molecule and mass
2 moles of deuterium in H[2]2SO4 2mH[2],H[2]2SO4 Enriched formula arg. by isotope and mol
2 grams of deuterium in H[2]2SO4 2gH[2],H[2]2SO4 Enriched formula ar by isotope and mass
CaCl2*5H2O CaCl2*5H2O Crystal water comp.
2 moles of CaCl2*5H2O 2mCaCl2*5H2O 2 moles of cryst.water comp.
[Fe(CN)6]+2 [Fe(CN)6]+2 Complex brackets
0.025 moles of C4H10 2.25E-2mC4H10 Use of exponent in arg.
SO4-2 or SO42- or SO4 -- SO4-2 Ions

Tab. Examples from program
Examples Chemix Interpretation
1) H2SO4 Formula mass sulfuric acid
2) H[2]2SO4 or D2SO4 Formula mass sulfuric acid (enriched by deuterium)
3) 2gH2SO4 2 grams of sulfuric acid
4) 2mH2SO4 2 moles of sulfuric acid
5) 2gS,H2SO4 2 grams of sulfur in sulfuric acid
6) 2mS,H2SO4 2 moles of sulfur in sulfuric acid

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