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Two ways of collecting log data

1)   Standard logging :  Plot exactly what has been received from the serial port (Advanced logging must be unchecked).
  Options Standard Logging
    a) Stop logging automatically after a selected number of data points (Max 1000pts) .   (Stop after ### points)
    b) Continue logging after a selected number of data points (Max 1000) but replace old data points by new data points.
       Each second the logger will read and present available serial data. If log-data is received the data will be copied to the data-edit field
         and automatically graphed/plotted.
         NOTE: To receive a big amount of   X Y data all at once (<= 1000 X Y pairs), use "standard logging" and the logger will once each
         second read and collect   as many XY-data as possible limited by the baud rate.
 Arduino example A):
First parameter (time-Seconds)    -   Space   -      Second parameter (temperature)
            Serial.print(" ");
  2)  Advanced logging (checked):
Possible to select interval, parameter and conditional statement for filtering,alerts etc.
                                                                  Need only Y values. The time X, is in this case (Advanced logging), provided by the data logger.   
                                                                  Using arduino example (A) (Advanced Logging) 'Selected parameter' has to be set to 2 (temperature)          
           Time (interval) :
From 1 second to 9999 seconds.

Conditional statement (options):
                  Log if   | Y(i)-Y(i-1) |  >=    | c |            Plot only when the absolute value of: | last log value - previous log value |  is greater than than the absolute value of:   | c |
                  Log if   Y(i)    !=     c                            Plot only when  Y(i)    !=   c                    
                  Stop if  Y(i)    > =     c
                           Logging will be stopped  if  Y(i)    > =     c                                       
                  Stop if  Y(i)    < =     c
                           Logging will be stopped  if  Y(i)    < =     c                                                                                                                                                
                 Red Alert if       Y(i)   >=   c    
              Entire plot area will go from white to red  if  Y(i)   >=   c                
                 Red Alert if  Y(i)   <=   c                      
 Entire plot area will go from white to red   if  Y(i)   <=   c  

                  Conditional statement example:   Plot the last X Y data pair (X=time(s) , Y= deg. Celsius) in 10s intervals only if  the
                                                                           the new temperature ( Y(i) ) is at least 1 deg. higher or 1 deg. lower than
the previous temperature ( Y(i-1) ). 
               Solution conditional statement example:  Conditional statement for this example:   Log if   | Y(i)-Y(i-1) |  >=    | c |                  and  let  c = 1       (Interval = 10)
                  "Deactivate alert if condition fails" : If unchecked with a "Red Alert" active, the alert must be turned off manually by changing the
                                                                                 c-value or by clearing the c-text field using the "Clear"-button. 

  Alert Sound  (Red Alert)
                                                                      From the menu bar select:    File   -->   Setup     and   Data Logger....            
                                                                      Repeat audio alert X times              Interval X sec.
                                                                      Turn off audio alert:
                                                                      Repeat audio alert 0 times              Interval X sec.            -->       Save audio setting for Red Alert

   Sending serial data from a Microcontroller/Arduino
     XY- serial data should be sendt no less than 1 time each second (ideally 2 times each second)  from the microcontroller.

CHEMIX School Data Logger                                              Arduino IDE

CHEMIX School data logger

Arduino temperature data logger setup

Arduino serial data logger temperature experiment

  Example Arduino Code/Sketch for the CHEMIX School data logger

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