Solubility Rules

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Solubility Rules

Soluble salts:
1) Salts of alkali metals (group I) are highly soluble. Exception is KClO4 (moderately soluble)
2) Nitrates and ammonium salts.
3) Metal halides are generally highly soluble. Exceptions are those of : Pb+2, Ag+ og Hg2+2.
4) Most sulfate salts. Exceptions are those of: Ca+2, Ba+2, Sr+2, Pb+2 and Hg2+2.
Insoluble salts:
1) Salts of carbonates, phosphates, hydroxides and sulfides are usually insoluble. Exceptions are alkali metals (group I) and following moderately soluble salts: Ca+2, Ba+2, Sr+2.
2) Metal sulfides are generally insoluble.

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